3 Must Have Automation Tools

What an exciting week I have had! There were general elections in my native country, the Bahamas, and I took in all of the action via the internet, along with relatives who were visiting from home.

In addition to that historic event, I am once again in transit, headed to Washington DC to attend wedding celebrations of a very special couple. I can hardly wait to reconnect with everyone as we party island style!

It is times like these that I am happy that I invested in a few great tools, that let’s me keep moving right along, no matter how hectic things get or how often I travel! So, my question this week: “Is your business “auto-pilot” ready?

This weeks article “3 Must Have Automation Tools” is a brief overview some of the technology that can contribute to the efficiency and success of your online business because of the great automation they offer.

If you’ve had an online business even for just a few days, you have no doubt already learned that there is always a lot to do and never enough time to get it all done!

You have probably also learned that it can be very time consuming if you’ve had to do everything manually! Remember what it took to get 10 clear copies of a document before the invention of laser or inkjet printers??

That is why I love automation! It saves time, saves money and it is expandable!  Automation is using processes, tools, systems or software to make things happen without the need for human intervention. It goes to that great saying “work smarter, not harder!”

Here are 3 tools that will help you “work smarter, not harder”:

  1. AWEBER – every online business needs an active email list. Correspondingly you also need a way to build, grow and manage your list, while using it to maximize your opportunities to promote and sell your products or services. With the absence of a face-to-face moment, this is a proven, effective way to build and sustain relationships. Automation features include: sending a series of timed messages – every days, every Monday, only on weekdays etc. Additionally, AWEBER’s blog broadcast feature let’s you send a link to or the full content of your blog posts to your lists every time you post a new article, without every having to log into your account! These two features covers two of the most important functions of running an online business: building relationships through frequent controlled contact and, providing fresh and timely content on a regular basis.
  2. INSTANT TELESEMINAR – This tool lets you create presentations online or over the phone in advance and host them for release at a specific time. Pre-recorded online seminars (sometimes called teleseminars or webinars) are a great way to deliver free and paid content in a controlled manner. Teleseminars are one of the fastest and cheapest ways to test your marketing ideas to see if they will sell. It also works for recording live events for replay at future dates. Ideas for a Teleseminar: You can interview an expert in your industry, record and transcribe the call, then turn it into an eBook or video training course for sale.
  3. SENDIBLE – A great tool to engage, monitor and track across multiple social networking accounts, under one roof. Including scheduled posts to Twitter, Facebook Profiles and Pages, LinkedIn etc., you can also track clicks, see reponses, generate reports, post to your blog and much more! It can also act as a contact management system for emails not yet added to your opt-in lists.

A word of caution:  although automation is a must have for business, you should be sure to interject personal touches whenever possible, so that you continue to build strong relationships with prospects and customers.

To Your Online Success.

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